12″ Self-Propelled Crete-Planer®

Self-Propelled Crete-Planers level, remove, texture and groove concrete and asphalt surfaces.  They are designed for large applications including leveling parking decks and roads, resurfacing factory floors, and texturing / grooving large areas.
CPU-12 Gas Machine Slider CPU12E-Machine-slider
CPU-12 Gas Machine Slider CPU12E-Machine-slider
  • 12″ working width will scarify approximately 1,250-1,500 sq. ft. per hour at Depth 
    Per Pass of 1/8″ 
  • Adjustable to 1/4″ working depth per pass 
  • Accommodates EDCO’s largest cutters for longer life and more removal 
  • Upcut drum rotation and heavyweight construction provide faster milling action and more uniform surface texture 
  • Standard Outrigger Axle Assembly enables the machine to follow slab contours closely when working on uneven surfaces and provide uniform surface removal 
  • Hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse drive provides smooth speed changes and less operator fatigue 
  • Cam-operated fifth wheel allows the operator to change direction or reposition the machine while the engine is still running 
  • Hydraulic-powered engage/disengage lever lowers or raises drum from surface

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