10″ Tile Saw

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The EDCO Tile Saw is for both homeowner and professional tile cutting and installation.  It has a maximum cutting depth of 3 ¾”. Cuts 12” diagonally and/or 20” lengthwise.
  • Cuts up to 12” tiles diagonally or 20” tiles lengthwise; 2-position tray makes it easy to cut 
large or small tile
  • Vertical and horizontal shielded bearings provide smoother rolling table for cleaner cuts
  • Heavy-duty, screw-type depth control provides easy blade adjustment and prevents cutting 
 into roller table
  • Adjustable water flow, electric water pump and 10” continuous rim blade are included
  • Positive-drive timing belt pulley system delivers maximum power to the blade with minimum vibration
  • Rolling table is locked to guide rails so it cannot be misplaced or forgotten and is oversized to comfortably support larger tiles
  • Optional folding upright stand for convenient working height available (NOT INCLUDED)

Product Spec Sheet